Execution Dashboard Programs

"Execute Without Drama"

Execution Framework

Our Execution Framework will help you to:

  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Decrease drama (and increase accountability)

Our New Book & DVD...

Will help you to:

  • Identify the RIGHT THINGS to measure
  • Figure out the SUCCESS CRITERIA
  • COMMUNICATE effectively with your team

To order a book or DVD call 704.996.0399 or click here.

5 Step QuickStart Program

Our 5 Step program will establish your dashboard habits and give you lots of momentum

Step 1: Prework for you to think through What’s Important: Goals, Issues, Opportunities

Step 2: Upon receiving your prework, our team prepares a custom day for you and your team

Step 3: We meet for a day (6 hours) to: train your team, establish your dashboards, and install your habits

Step 4: We provide telephone support for 30 days after our session to help your dashboarding

Step 5: A coaching call after 30 days to evaluate our progress and tune your dashboard

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